How  Do I Become a Member of the SSC, MC?



As with many motorcycle clubs, we take a few precautions when it comes to adding new members. Our By-Laws spell out how to become a member and candidate responsibilities but here’s the Reader’s Digest version:


    1. New member “candidates” must have a “Regular Member” sponsor. If you don’t know a club member you are welcome to join us on one or two of our rides and there’s a good chance someone will be glad to sponsor you. Just send a message via Facebook or email asking to attend a ride.



    2. When you decide you would like to be a candidate for membership and your sponsor agrees, you’ll complete a membership application and we’ll collect a (non-refundable) $50.00 new member application fee and prorated membership fee.  After that you are required to attend a minimum of 4 club events and a couple general meetings. You are expected to meet all of the club members and help out with club events. We also require proof of license, registration and insurance.



    3. Candidate members will get a “community” rocker patch with the name of your town and front SSC patch. (Valley candidates will be assigned a Coarsegold or Mariposa rocker depending upon the proximity of your city to these mountain towns.)



    4. After you meet the requirements of a candidate your sponsor will call for a vote of the membership at the next general or special meeting, to accept you as a member.



    5. Once confirmed as a new member you will get the full patch.





For the Ambitious here’s the actual By-laws wording pertaining to Responsibilities of Candidates, Non-riding Candidates, Sponsors, Associate Members and Members.




Section 8.02 Candidate Members must pay dues and application fee upon being sponsored by a Patched Member and will receive the SSC Front Patch and Community Rocker. Candidate members pay a prorated fee determined by the remaining months of the membership year at time of sponsorship. When voted in as a Regular Member, the annual dues must be current to receive club patches and recognition. Failure to pay fees will result in Club membership termination.


Section 8.05 New Membership Application Fee - The Club has a ONE TIME, NON-REFUNDABLE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FEE of $50.00. The fee purpose is to off-set the cost to purchase club patches, and administration expenses. The Application Fee is not refundable, even when membership is denied.


Article XII. RESPONSIBILITIES OF CANIDATE MEMBERSHIP: To become a member of the SSC, a person is required to Candidate for a period of time, during which the Candidate must attend certain Club functions, thus giving the sitting membership time to get to know the individual.



 Section 12.01 During this period, the Candidate may wear a Vest with the “Community” Patch on the back of their vest. Once the Candidate receives this “Community” patch, it is their responsibility to see that this patch is sewn properly onto a vest, and worn to the next Club event they attend.


 Section 12.02 No other patch will be worn on the back of the Candidate’s vest during this period.


 Section 12.03 Before a Candidate can become a Regular Member, they must attend at least FOUR (4) Club events, and MUST attend two (2) General or Special Meetings. (A Club Event is defined as any event scheduled by the Club, in which at least Three (3) Patch wearing members are in attendance.)


Section 12.04 The Candidate must pay the Membership Application Fee before they receive the “Community” Candidate patch. A Candidate should never attend a Club function without their Club vest.


 Section 12.05 During the Candidate period, the Candidate should make every attempt to meet all members of the Club by introducing them self, shaking hands, and making sure that the members know they are serious about becoming a member of the SSC. Candidates are expected to willingly assist in the coordination of Club functions by contacting the person responsible for the event and offering their assistance.


Section 12.06 The Candidate will only wear the “Community” patch when they are either riding to or from a Club function, or when riding with another full patch member of the Club.


Section 12.07 At time of application and prior to joining the Club and receiving their “Community” Patch, all new Candidates must show proof that they have a valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle Endorsement. They must also show that they have valid Insurance and current registration on the motorcycle they will be riding as a Club Member.




Section 12.08 Non-riding Candidate Members (NRCM) shall be required to have a valid form of identification and pay the application fee. The NRCM must be the significant other of a Regular Member, or a Candidate Member.




 Article XIII. CANIDATE SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITIES: A Sponsor must be a mentor to the Candidate, and guide them through the process of becoming a member of the SSC. It is the Sponsor’s job to make sure that the Candidate knows the requirements to become a member, and to keep track of where the Candidate is in the process. Once the Candidate has completed all the requirements to become a member, it is the Sponsor’s job to bring this to the attention of the President. The Sponsor will advise the President that the Candidate has completed the requirements. At the next general or special meeting, the President will call for a vote of membership on the Candidate.


Section 13.01 Candidate Voting: Once a Candidate has completed the requirements as set forth within these Bylaws, and the Candidate’s Sponsor has advised the President that the Candidate is ready for a vote, the Candidate will be voted on during the next scheduled meeting. To become a member, the Candidate must receive a majority vote of the voting membership present. Any negative votes must be explained to the membership. If the Candidate does not receive a majority vote, the decision will be made by the Board of Directors whether to extend the Candidate’s time, or to dismiss the Candidate. The Candidate will not be present in the room during the voting process. If the Candidate receives a majority vote for full membership, he/she will be awarded Club patches.




Article IX. RESPONSIBILITIES OF REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Regular Membership (RM) is a full patch member that must own and ride a street motorcycle. A RM must make an effort to attend all meetings, events, and functions, and be dedicated to actively supporting the SSC. The RM should help out other members in any way possible, whenever possible. The RM must show appropriate respect to fellow members, and other clubs. The RM must be a mentor to Candidates, showing them the ways of the Club. The RM must always remember that when he/she wears the patches of the SSC, that the RM represents the whole Club, and must never act in a manner that would bring discredit or dishonor to the Club. The RM should wear Club vest or Shirt at all Club functions and events. Any Regular Member that has not attended any Club events, functions, or meetings for Six (6) Months, will be asked to turn in their Patches to one of the Board of Directors. The exception to this rule would be if the member, or his family, has a medical emergency that would prevent the RM from being active in the club for long periods of time. Board of Directors will deal with these situations on an individual basis, and will make decisions accordingly.




Article X. RESPONSIBILITIES OF ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate Membership (AM) is available to a person that wants to actively support and participate with the Club but does not own a motorcycle and or does not have the ability to ride a motorcycle. The AM must show appropriate respect to fellow members, and other clubs. AM’s are not Patched and do not have voting rights. They are encouraged to participate in meetings, activities, and events. Associate Members can where the SSC T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, and Hat. They are not allowed to where a club patch and vest.


Section 8.03 For Associate Members the annual due of $35.00


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